Saturday, December 19, 2009

PR in Sucking

I got the title from Dori; but the truth of the matter is after 2 weeks off, I do suck. I know it will come back but talk about a downer. Everything and I mean everything is harder. Even sit-ups I had to scale back from the 35 lb weight to 22.5. I can hear Mandy in my head giving me shit for typing this (so Mandy, there is no need to lecture me). Yes, yes, I am proud that I can do weighted GHDs but the fact still remains.... I lost strength. My goal for next year is to not get sick. And to become a badass.


  1. Hey Bea,

    This is an article by Melissa Urban on exactly this topic. It's pretty good:

  2. Bea, i (belatedly) feel your pain...just went back to the gym this week after nearly 4 weeks off (with 2 exceptions)...scored nearly 70 points lower than my best FGB. Physical and mental suckfest.

    Dori - I love that article, thanks for sharing!