Monday, July 18, 2011

Jumbled thoughts

I have a lot of things swimming through my head today. The thing that is distracting me the most though is the photo posted on CF Football page today.

First of all, who spots like that? There is no way she can get below parallel with that other chick bear hugging her from behind. Second, I doubt she needs a spotter for 115lbs. Third, is it so hot in their gym that they need to strip down to only their underwear? Fourth, that top does not look supportive. Someone should tell her about Lululemon.

I also have been worrying about Will. He told me that my blog was depressing. He said I need to be more upbeat or he would stop reading. I do not want to be down a reader! So just for Will....

I learned I can jump rope on one foot. This was very exciting. I did not think I had the coordination to do anything even remotely close to that. Dave made me try last week. I was in a class with Ollie (who has jumprope superpowers) when Dave said that the warm up would be jumping on one foot. I said "I do not think I can do that Dave". He told me to try anyway. I did and I could do it. I got so excited that I shouted (I had my head phones on to help me with rhythm so I was a little louder than I planned to be) "HOLY S#!T, I AM DOING IT!" My excitement apparently was a great distraction to Ollie because I made him laugh which caused him to mess up. Either that or he was very excited about my new found talent as well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stupid boys

Yesterday CFD's strength component was plank hold for a total of 5 min. You could break it up into whatever you needed to to get through but it had to add up to be 5 min total.

Before I went, I was talking to husband while changing from my work clothes into my work out clothes. I asked him what the WOD was and he told me about the 5 min plank hold. I said "I wonder if I can make it through 5 min strait." he intimately told me that I could not. GAME ON! Oh, it was going to happen. Sometimes I think Rich does that on purpose... He tells me I can not do something so it will make me mad enough to do it.

I did it. I was so happy... for an hour. That is when Chris showed up and did it with a weighted vest. Stupid boy.

The thing tat surprised me about this whole endeavor was that my abs were not what started to give out. My quads were the muscles that started to shake. This further proved a point a friend of mine made the other day.

We were watching this random guy and when he reached for something his shirt went up a little. He had ripped abs. I mean, they looked like 300 abs. I said. Holy c#@p did you see that guys abs. This friend told me that they were show pony abs. I said I want show pony abs. He just smiled and told me that I had work horse abs.

Great! Now I am a Clydesdale.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Feels like home to me

Finding the right gym is not an easy task. There are lots of different types of gyms. I am definitely a CrossFit gym type of person. I have tried other gyms in the past and they were fine but I love the way CrossFit is set up. The drive to see my friends makes me go and endure the pain of the work out. This does not explain why I go to other CrossFits when I am out of town. I guess I am just a good little cult follower when it comes to that.

I have discovered that not all CrossFits have the same atmosphere. I went to 2 different CF gyms when I was up in Mystic visiting my parents. Both were nice. The people were warm and welcoming at both gyms. But there was just something about Groton that felt right. It felt like home. It felt like CFD.

The owner of CFG is a career firefighter named Tim. He was a very nice guy. I spent a great deal of time talking with him about the Tough Mudder after we worked out together. He made me feel a lot more at ease about it. He said the electrocution part is not bad at all.

I told him to come by Durham when he is in town. Hopefully he will feel as welcomed as I did.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am a pull-up rock star!

Today I went to CF New London. They have normal sized pull-up bars there. For those of you that have not visited CFD, we have a soup can sized bar. My pull-ups were a lot better on the tiny bar. Maybe that is Dave's master plan. He makes us use the big bar so we will look like rock stars when we go visit other gym's. People will say "those people from CFD sure are good at pull-ups". And we will be humble because we are so shocked at how the magic tiny pull-up bar made us so much better.

I find it boring when people do this but it was interesting to me how different the WOD set up felt here. In retrospect it is not that far off from CFD but it felt really different for some reason. We did this:
Inch worm across the gym twice
Bench at 80% for 8 reps 3 times
Then AMRAP 15 min
15 Snatches
10 Over squats
5 Power cleans
Then run a mile
I think that Dave would have switched the cleans and snatches but I could be wrong.

It is fun to visit other gyms but it does make me a little home sick. I miss my peeps and my boot campers. Tomorrow I will go check out CrossFit Groton.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Life on the road

I went 6 days strait this past week. I did not do it on purpose. It started on Sunday. I worked on skill work with Ashley. Monday I coach, so of course I will work out that day. Tuesday was muscle ups. Muscle ups are my new mountain. I am determined that I will be able to do them before December. December is my Tough Mudder and I think they will be a useful skill. Wednesday I coach again so, well you know. Thursday was suppose to be an endurance WOD and I teach during the Monday endurance WOD so I wanted to do it on Thursday. The endurance WOD got canceled so I did the regular WOD and the Endurance WOD that a friend made up (row 250 & 10 push-ups for 5 rounds). Friday I coach again and hey I am already there.

Saturday was a different story. I sat all day because I drove from NC to CT (11.5 hours if you are wondering). I ended the trip feeling very antsy. These type of trips are always dangerous because I end up eating very badly. I ate Burger King and Starbucks on the drive.

Yesterday was no better. I ate 5 guys and the carbapolooza that my parents provided for breakfast. This morning I woke up with something that felt like a hangover. I will be changing this behavior immediately.