Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am a pull-up rock star!

Today I went to CF New London. They have normal sized pull-up bars there. For those of you that have not visited CFD, we have a soup can sized bar. My pull-ups were a lot better on the tiny bar. Maybe that is Dave's master plan. He makes us use the big bar so we will look like rock stars when we go visit other gym's. People will say "those people from CFD sure are good at pull-ups". And we will be humble because we are so shocked at how the magic tiny pull-up bar made us so much better.

I find it boring when people do this but it was interesting to me how different the WOD set up felt here. In retrospect it is not that far off from CFD but it felt really different for some reason. We did this:
Inch worm across the gym twice
Bench at 80% for 8 reps 3 times
Then AMRAP 15 min
15 Snatches
10 Over squats
5 Power cleans
Then run a mile
I think that Dave would have switched the cleans and snatches but I could be wrong.

It is fun to visit other gyms but it does make me a little home sick. I miss my peeps and my boot campers. Tomorrow I will go check out CrossFit Groton.


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