Monday, July 4, 2011

Life on the road

I went 6 days strait this past week. I did not do it on purpose. It started on Sunday. I worked on skill work with Ashley. Monday I coach, so of course I will work out that day. Tuesday was muscle ups. Muscle ups are my new mountain. I am determined that I will be able to do them before December. December is my Tough Mudder and I think they will be a useful skill. Wednesday I coach again so, well you know. Thursday was suppose to be an endurance WOD and I teach during the Monday endurance WOD so I wanted to do it on Thursday. The endurance WOD got canceled so I did the regular WOD and the Endurance WOD that a friend made up (row 250 & 10 push-ups for 5 rounds). Friday I coach again and hey I am already there.

Saturday was a different story. I sat all day because I drove from NC to CT (11.5 hours if you are wondering). I ended the trip feeling very antsy. These type of trips are always dangerous because I end up eating very badly. I ate Burger King and Starbucks on the drive.

Yesterday was no better. I ate 5 guys and the carbapolooza that my parents provided for breakfast. This morning I woke up with something that felt like a hangover. I will be changing this behavior immediately.

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