Monday, July 18, 2011

Jumbled thoughts

I have a lot of things swimming through my head today. The thing that is distracting me the most though is the photo posted on CF Football page today.

First of all, who spots like that? There is no way she can get below parallel with that other chick bear hugging her from behind. Second, I doubt she needs a spotter for 115lbs. Third, is it so hot in their gym that they need to strip down to only their underwear? Fourth, that top does not look supportive. Someone should tell her about Lululemon.

I also have been worrying about Will. He told me that my blog was depressing. He said I need to be more upbeat or he would stop reading. I do not want to be down a reader! So just for Will....

I learned I can jump rope on one foot. This was very exciting. I did not think I had the coordination to do anything even remotely close to that. Dave made me try last week. I was in a class with Ollie (who has jumprope superpowers) when Dave said that the warm up would be jumping on one foot. I said "I do not think I can do that Dave". He told me to try anyway. I did and I could do it. I got so excited that I shouted (I had my head phones on to help me with rhythm so I was a little louder than I planned to be) "HOLY S#!T, I AM DOING IT!" My excitement apparently was a great distraction to Ollie because I made him laugh which caused him to mess up. Either that or he was very excited about my new found talent as well.


  1. You're the freaking woman B!!!

  2. hahashahaha that picture is ridiculous...And Congrats on jumping one foot!