Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The flip side

Not so girly side
1) I love NFL football. The Patriots are my favorite. I love watching Tom Brady. He never looks rushed. He completely trusts his offensive line. I have not seen any other quarterback take their time to decide which player to throw to. When he does throw the ball it is like a heat seeking missile directly to its target. It is a beautiful thing to watch.
2) F1 is amazing. These men drive at 2oo miles an hour while making angry gestures at each other with their fists. They get in crazy scary crashes then get back in the car the next week to do it all again. Sometimes, I find myself holding my breath while watching it. Okay, I do that a lot.
3) I love muscle cars. I especially love the 1967 Shelby Fastback. It is beautiful and the sound. Oh the sound.... It makes me swoon.
4) I love sports movies more than any other type of movie. I could watch them over and over again. I like football movies the best. Best funny football movie - The Longest Yard. Best serious football movie - The Blindside. It made me root for the Ravens.
5) I like guns. I really like this gun. It is an AR 15 rifle. It is easy to shoot and it looks really bad ass.
6) I like trucks in general... BUT I REALLY like this one. It is a Ford VelociRaptor. It is a Ford Raptor that HPE, the Texas-based tuner shop that won’t let Vipers leave its facility with fewer than 1000 hp, got a hold of. HPE changes it to 501 hp at 5100 rpm and 520 lb-ft of torque at 3200 rpm, thus dropping the 0–60 time by nearly 2.5 seconds. Did I mention the sound? Oh the sound... You should watch Top Gear to understand my love for this truck.
7) I love Top Gear. I love the BBC version better (mainly because I am not a big fan of Rutledge). If you have never seen Top Gear you are seriously missing out. It is funny and educational. If I had never seen Top Gear I would not know that I can out maneuver an Apache helicopter in a Lotus. That could be useful someday.
8) Any movie with Jason Statham. Seriously, if he is in the movie, shit will get blown up and it will be fun to watch. He oozes manlyness. He is like a manly slug. He leaves a trail of manlyness wherever he goes.
9) I am not sure this qualifies as not girly but I love CrossFit. I love that it makes me strong and muscular. I love that I can open my own jars and pick up things that some guys can not. I love looking at boys at NC State deadlift something I know I can snatch. I love that I am not a damsil in distress.
10) I love meat. I perticularly like meat wrapped in another meat. I will eat a salad but honestly, I would rather just eat the meat that is a required topper.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 of girly

Okay I lied. I am bored so I am going to keep going. More girly stuff.
4) I like romantic Comedies. It does not matter how bad or predictable I know they are going to be; I will watch them anyway. My favorite is still When Harry Met Sally, although Bridget Jones (the first one) is a close second.... I do not like dramatic romantic movies though. They just make me angry for some reason (I do not know why, but I hated the Notebook).
5) I love French Macaroons. Honestly, I like looking at them more than actually eating them. They are the prettiest of all the cookies.
6) Fruity drinks are awesome! Revolution has one called a Blueberry Fizz. It is pure happiness. Especially if the bartender is nice and puts blueberries in it for you when he is only suppose to do that for the virgin kind. I am sure wearing a low cut dress helps with this. :)
7) I am not sure this one is actually girly but Rich assures me it is. I love Singer Songwriters. I like other music too but I could listen to singer songwriter stuff all day.
8) Betsy Johnson make me smile. Her stuff is so over the top that it is awesome. I am not certain, but I do believe those are cupcakes!
9) Just down the hall from the Mona Lisa is this painting, The Burial of Atala. I first saw it when I was 8 and it is still one of my favorite works of art. First of all it is large (6.79 feet by 8.75 feet) so it has an impact. The first time I saw it I was walking away from the Mona Lisa thinking "What is the big deal?" and then I saw it. I felt like I had been hit in the stomach. There is so much emotion in it. So much love from Chactas. The story behind it is: Atala was torn between her love for Chactas and her vow to remain a virgin and a Christian, so she committed suicide. This is the aftermath of that decision.
10) I can't think of anything else really but I was aiming for ten. I have noticed a trend of girl bloggers to take pictures of their feet though. I have done just that thing, once. Ignore the skulls on my shoes and it looks girly.... right?

Girly 1 of 2

There are definite advantages to being a girl. Bartenders tend to give you drinks a lot quicker. People hold open doors for you. And, providing they do not know you do CrossFit, men carry things for you. I like being a girl. It is fun (sometimes) to put on makeup and go out. It is also a lot of work. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into being a girls. I feel, the majority of the time, that this is time better spent doing things that are more fun. Things like running through the would shooting your friends with a paintball gun. I think this is best demonstrated when it come to the beach. I do not tan well. I do not really burn or freckle a lot either. I kind of beige. I could spend time lying on the beach tanning, trying to become a lovely shade of brown.... but that just takes too long. I lie there for about 5 minutes thinking about all the fish in the water I could be seeing or that I could be trying to surf. I could be swimming or fishing or looking for shark's teeth or better yet diving with sharks. That is when I can not stand it anymore. I have to go do one of those things. I have been told lately by several people that I am more girly then I admit to. I am not saying I do not like girly things. So, to prove that I know that there is a girl in this messy, football and muscle car loving exterior I am going to list my girly traits.
1) I love Penhaligon perfumes. They smell amazing and do not make me sneeze. They are derived for real flowers. They are expensive but worth every penny because sent is a powerful thing and there fragrances (especially Gardenia, Violet and Rose) are happiness in a bottle.
2) Peonys are my favorite flower (to look at). They are so pretty. Rich says they look like crumpled up paper but I think they look like pure girlyness. It gets even more girly.... I like the light pink and white ones the best. Honestly that goes for most flowers.
3) Tiffany's. Yes, I am one of those girls. I love that little blue box. I love the entire experience of getting something from Tiffany's. I love the store (it feels like you are walking into a vault). I love the movie (even though I know it is not actually a good movie). I also love that all the stuff I own from Tiffany's has only gone up in value. I also love how pretty but simple all of Elsa Peretti's designs are. My favorite piece of jewelry is still the Bean I got for my 18th birthday. I think that is enough girly for today. I should probably do some actual work. Tomorrow we will talk about boy stuff.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katy Perry

I was listening to the radio on my way to work today when Katy Perry's song, Last Friday Night, came on. There is a line early on in the song that says: "is that a hickey or a bruise". Sadly, in my case it is a bruise. A clean bruise to be exact. At least that is the one on my chest. Then there is the bruise down my thigh. That is also from cleans; I lost my grip on the bar and it rolled down my leg. I have a big scratch shaped bruise on my inner thigh from a friend's dog (she was very happy to see me and I was wearing shorts). I have a lovely round bruise on the outside of my upper right thigh from a kettle bell. The final bruise (that I know of) is on my left arm. It is clearly from dips. I say clearly, but that is only true for other CrossFitters. I occasionally worry about the general public thinking bad things about my marriage. So much so that I have started to pay attention when I do things like loose control of a bar during cleans. For a long time people would say: "How did you get that bruise?" I would then figure out which one they were referring to and say: "I have no clue". For some reason people find my utter lack of interest in where my bruise originated from as disturbing. Now, I know I am clutsy. I do think that I bruise a little easier then most though. I wonder... Do I have a vitamin deficiency or something? Thoughts? Do you guys have any suggestions of bruise reduction?

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 a days

I think I started the 2 a days at a bad time. I have not had a day off from working in 3 weeks. It is the final push for the Living Social coupon that I put out. But, next weekend is it and then I get my life back. The 2 a days just pushed me over the edge. I was exhausted. Even though I did Helen Rx for the first time ever, I was really slow. I am going to do it again this week, but I do not hold out a lot of hope that I am going to feel any better.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Am I ripped yet?

I have been doing 2 a days for the past 2 days. This means that I am waking up at 5:15 in order to be at the gym by 5:45. Why so early you ask.... I have to be at work by 7. The result of this experiment so far is that I am super tired. I am hoping it means that I will get ripped. I wish you could see results quickly, then I would be encouraged to keep doing this. Right now I just want to tell my boss that I am sick and go home and crawl back into bed. Stupid work getting in the way of me playing and sleeping. On a completely different note. I found this website and I think it is awesome. She makes a lot of beautiful deserts that are Paleoish. You should check it out.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ummm sort of....

I kind of got a handstand. It lasted for about 10 seconds before I started to fall over backwards. 10 seconds is not long enough to get an iPhone to focus and take the photo, so my legs are flopping over in it. Honestly, Kristen got a lot of photos of my butt. she decided to try to start the photo taking early so maybe she could get it but it just resulted in 20 photos of my ass.
I am still a long way off from a muscle up. Ollie swears I can do it, I just need to "kip the hell out of it". I will keep you posted. If I ever figure it out you can bet that I will make someone video it.