Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girly 1 of 2

There are definite advantages to being a girl. Bartenders tend to give you drinks a lot quicker. People hold open doors for you. And, providing they do not know you do CrossFit, men carry things for you. I like being a girl. It is fun (sometimes) to put on makeup and go out. It is also a lot of work. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into being a girls. I feel, the majority of the time, that this is time better spent doing things that are more fun. Things like running through the would shooting your friends with a paintball gun. I think this is best demonstrated when it come to the beach. I do not tan well. I do not really burn or freckle a lot either. I kind of beige. I could spend time lying on the beach tanning, trying to become a lovely shade of brown.... but that just takes too long. I lie there for about 5 minutes thinking about all the fish in the water I could be seeing or that I could be trying to surf. I could be swimming or fishing or looking for shark's teeth or better yet diving with sharks. That is when I can not stand it anymore. I have to go do one of those things. I have been told lately by several people that I am more girly then I admit to. I am not saying I do not like girly things. So, to prove that I know that there is a girl in this messy, football and muscle car loving exterior I am going to list my girly traits.
1) I love Penhaligon perfumes. They smell amazing and do not make me sneeze. They are derived for real flowers. They are expensive but worth every penny because sent is a powerful thing and there fragrances (especially Gardenia, Violet and Rose) are happiness in a bottle.
2) Peonys are my favorite flower (to look at). They are so pretty. Rich says they look like crumpled up paper but I think they look like pure girlyness. It gets even more girly.... I like the light pink and white ones the best. Honestly that goes for most flowers.
3) Tiffany's. Yes, I am one of those girls. I love that little blue box. I love the entire experience of getting something from Tiffany's. I love the store (it feels like you are walking into a vault). I love the movie (even though I know it is not actually a good movie). I also love that all the stuff I own from Tiffany's has only gone up in value. I also love how pretty but simple all of Elsa Peretti's designs are. My favorite piece of jewelry is still the Bean I got for my 18th birthday. I think that is enough girly for today. I should probably do some actual work. Tomorrow we will talk about boy stuff.

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