Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Am I ripped yet?

I have been doing 2 a days for the past 2 days. This means that I am waking up at 5:15 in order to be at the gym by 5:45. Why so early you ask.... I have to be at work by 7. The result of this experiment so far is that I am super tired. I am hoping it means that I will get ripped. I wish you could see results quickly, then I would be encouraged to keep doing this. Right now I just want to tell my boss that I am sick and go home and crawl back into bed. Stupid work getting in the way of me playing and sleeping. On a completely different note. I found this website and I think it is awesome. She makes a lot of beautiful deserts that are Paleoish. You should check it out.


  1. I'm doing 2 a days (similar schedule). Not Crossfit, but two exercise sessions anyway. I'm nowhere near ripped, and I'm now pretty sure that the only solution to getting there is extreme calorie restriction. I'm doing that now, and I promise to let you know if it works. :)

  2. What's your diet like? How many days a week are you in the gym. Getting adequate sleep, nutrition, and even rest days can all have a huge effect on your body composition. Track your caloric intake and expenditure, as well as taking body measurements too.