Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The flip side

Not so girly side
1) I love NFL football. The Patriots are my favorite. I love watching Tom Brady. He never looks rushed. He completely trusts his offensive line. I have not seen any other quarterback take their time to decide which player to throw to. When he does throw the ball it is like a heat seeking missile directly to its target. It is a beautiful thing to watch.
2) F1 is amazing. These men drive at 2oo miles an hour while making angry gestures at each other with their fists. They get in crazy scary crashes then get back in the car the next week to do it all again. Sometimes, I find myself holding my breath while watching it. Okay, I do that a lot.
3) I love muscle cars. I especially love the 1967 Shelby Fastback. It is beautiful and the sound. Oh the sound.... It makes me swoon.
4) I love sports movies more than any other type of movie. I could watch them over and over again. I like football movies the best. Best funny football movie - The Longest Yard. Best serious football movie - The Blindside. It made me root for the Ravens.
5) I like guns. I really like this gun. It is an AR 15 rifle. It is easy to shoot and it looks really bad ass.
6) I like trucks in general... BUT I REALLY like this one. It is a Ford VelociRaptor. It is a Ford Raptor that HPE, the Texas-based tuner shop that won’t let Vipers leave its facility with fewer than 1000 hp, got a hold of. HPE changes it to 501 hp at 5100 rpm and 520 lb-ft of torque at 3200 rpm, thus dropping the 0–60 time by nearly 2.5 seconds. Did I mention the sound? Oh the sound... You should watch Top Gear to understand my love for this truck.
7) I love Top Gear. I love the BBC version better (mainly because I am not a big fan of Rutledge). If you have never seen Top Gear you are seriously missing out. It is funny and educational. If I had never seen Top Gear I would not know that I can out maneuver an Apache helicopter in a Lotus. That could be useful someday.
8) Any movie with Jason Statham. Seriously, if he is in the movie, shit will get blown up and it will be fun to watch. He oozes manlyness. He is like a manly slug. He leaves a trail of manlyness wherever he goes.
9) I am not sure this qualifies as not girly but I love CrossFit. I love that it makes me strong and muscular. I love that I can open my own jars and pick up things that some guys can not. I love looking at boys at NC State deadlift something I know I can snatch. I love that I am not a damsil in distress.
10) I love meat. I perticularly like meat wrapped in another meat. I will eat a salad but honestly, I would rather just eat the meat that is a required topper.


  1. I love sports movies too! It's like the chumps-to-champs formula is programmed into my little brain and lights up all the right neural pathways for interest, passion, and happiness. (I must disagree on one point, though: Friday Night Lights is by far the best football movie ever.)

    I also love meat! With a side of meat! And potatoes! And a little salad. But mostly meat!

  2. I have not watched Friday Night Lights in a while. Maybe I will NetFlix it this weekend. Sports movies are the modern day Epic. They make you feel good after you watch them.

  3. I wasn't really surprised by any of them until I got to number 10 - Bea I thought you were anti-red meat?? Or you used to be?