Thursday, September 15, 2011

Katy Perry

I was listening to the radio on my way to work today when Katy Perry's song, Last Friday Night, came on. There is a line early on in the song that says: "is that a hickey or a bruise". Sadly, in my case it is a bruise. A clean bruise to be exact. At least that is the one on my chest. Then there is the bruise down my thigh. That is also from cleans; I lost my grip on the bar and it rolled down my leg. I have a big scratch shaped bruise on my inner thigh from a friend's dog (she was very happy to see me and I was wearing shorts). I have a lovely round bruise on the outside of my upper right thigh from a kettle bell. The final bruise (that I know of) is on my left arm. It is clearly from dips. I say clearly, but that is only true for other CrossFitters. I occasionally worry about the general public thinking bad things about my marriage. So much so that I have started to pay attention when I do things like loose control of a bar during cleans. For a long time people would say: "How did you get that bruise?" I would then figure out which one they were referring to and say: "I have no clue". For some reason people find my utter lack of interest in where my bruise originated from as disturbing. Now, I know I am clutsy. I do think that I bruise a little easier then most though. I wonder... Do I have a vitamin deficiency or something? Thoughts? Do you guys have any suggestions of bruise reduction?

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