Monday, August 15, 2011

Boot Camps

I was talking with two other coaches a few days ago about the classes we all like teaching. The two coaches were boys. They like teaching the regular classes the best. They enjoy interacting with people who are confident and wanting to achieve more.

I personally love my bootcampers. I love seeing them do things that they did not think possible. The look of shock and joy on their face is truly awesome. I get really attached to them. I get so proud when they push themselves when they think no one is looking. It feels like it means more.

I am sure it is cool when you can teach someone like me to do a muscle-up.... But I do not think it is as amazing as proving to someone that has a hard time running to the end of the block that with a little bit of work they can run a 5k.

Silly boys.

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  1. Thanks Bea, we love you too! I appreciate your caring enough to push me to stop being a bitch, shut up and run.