Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yesterday's WOD was a tough one. It was 15-10-5 Man-makers with 50 double-unders in between each round. It took me forever because, well it was hard, and I suck at double-unders. I was going to work on my muscle-up program but I was so exhausted after this WOD that I just did not have it in me.

Honestly, I like this kind of WOD a lot. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something during the day.

Side note: One of the higher ups in my office just said good morning to a box of doughnuts and then happily walked away carrying a Boston Cream like it was a great prize. It was honestly a very cute interaction but now I know there is a big box of doughnuts around the corner from me.

I was a little defeated after the WOD when I started to teach my 6 pm bootcamp. We did two smaller WODs. The first one involved wall balls. I have one bootcamper that has been with me for over a year. Honestly, I am very attached to her. When she started she was scared to jump on the little box and had to do push-ups against the wall. She jumped on the 20 inch box on Friday and does all of her push-ups on her toes now. She has also lost a ton of weight for her wedding that is coming up soon. Yesterday she grabbed the 20lb wall ball. I have never grabbed the 20lb wall. She is, in my mind, the epitome of a badass. When I grow up I want to be just like Sam.

Then at 7 pm, Martha showed up. She is another long term bootcamper. With the same history as Sam - the wedding. Her knees all bruised and battered with a huge smile on her face. She said: Do you want to see my hat?. Of course I did.

Badass! (Yes, she just did the Warrior Dash.)

I need to stop being a wimp and work on my goals. At 8 I worked on my handstands.


  1. We saw Martha @ the Dash, she parked right next to us. Small world, CFD was well represented!

  2. Well, gosh. Thanks Bea!