Saturday, August 27, 2011

Being a girl

I have lost a bit of weight recently so I am a little more comfortable in my own skin. The result of this and talking with Rich and 2 other friends is that I am going to try to stop dressing like a boy.

I told one friend that it was a lot of work being a girl and he said that is the point. With that in mind, I went to the mall today. I looked at several different stores tried a few things on and learned several important things.

1) I still have swimmer sholders. I did not think this was the case. I was wrong. According to all designers, my sholders are just too broad. This is a little upsetting. Even going up in sizes did not help. It just made all jackets bulky in every other area and the sholders were still too tight.

2) Being a girl is expensive. I found a pair of heels that I really liked. They were comfortable and came in a size 5.5 (not easy to find). They were over $100.00. I put them on hold.

3) I do not understand a lot of fashion trends. As I stated earlier, I have big sholders. I do not need sholderpads. Why are sholderpads coming back in? Those are just silly. I also do not understand 3/4 length sleves, especially on a jacket. What is the point. The lower part of my arm will get cold or I will be shoving it up above my elbow because it is annoying.

That is it for now. I will keep you posted on my quest to become a girl.


  1. Good luck! I too am interested in making this transition into girliness.

  2. the designers are WRONG! your shoulders are strong enough to allow you to do pullups, pushups, and lift heavy things over your head - they are not "too big". i do understand the frustration, but believe me when i tell you that off-the-rack clothes fit almost *no one* (not just crossfitters!). buy the size up so they fit your shoulders then have them tailored - the tailor at southpoint does a great job! it doesn't cost too much and it's worth it to have clothes that fit.

    i've got to start doing this with pants - if a pair of pants fits me in the thigh, they are way too big in the waist. thanks, squats...

    also, super cute shoes! i'm all for spending money on well-made clothing and shoes - they will last longer and look so good they make you feel great! totally worth it :)

  3. You looked gorgeous last night!

  4. If you need a girly consultant, let me know. We can plan a shopping excursion.