Wednesday, August 24, 2011

and I suck

(Will, STOP READING NOW. This is a self deprecating post)

I have noticed a trend over the last few weeks. I seem to be getting worst at Crossfit. My double-unders are still abysmal. Yesterday, when I did ring push-ups I only did ten at a time. I still can not do a muscle up. All weight has been feeling heavy

I seriously need to tighten up. Maybe I just need to focus on a goal. I would like that goal to be a muscle up. I think I am going to try it every day until the damn thing happens.

I also need to go back on the 4 hour body diet. I love carbs but I think the reduction in protein is affecting my performance.


  1. Performance loss could be a subtle way of your body telling you that it needs a rest.

    Goals are needed. When I first started I made a goal each month and found not only success in accomplishing the goal, but also immense satisfaction. Since I have fallen away from making a monthly goal (expect 1 endurance class a week).

    Just don't forget the key to goal making is making it challenging yet realistically attainable. Go for the muscle ups....I know you'll have them by the end of doubt.

  2. I hear that its hard for most of us to both loose weight and get stronger at the same time. For me, I'm trying to get stronger right now so as long as PRs are going up I don't care about my belly fat. Later I plan on cutting calories and trying to 'lean out'.

    Perhaps it is conflicting goals that are holding you back.

  3. As soon as I read the title of this post (on my phone, out in public) I immediately said "oh you do not" out loud. And then I got weird looks. Thanks, Bea.

    But seriously. You don't. There's a million different reasons why you could be feeling all meh, and (as I tell my hypochondriacal sister on a regular basis) whatever it actually is is probably an easy fix. Eat clean. Eat more. Sleep more. Go walking by the river instead of WODing it up once in a while. Have fun. Do NOT beat yourself up if you can't be a machine. People are way more fun and cuter than machines any day.

    ...also, take a video when you get that mucle-up so I can live vicariously through you :P