Monday, August 29, 2011


For the month of September I am going to continue to try to get the elusive muscle-up but I am going to also try for a free standing handstand. I have already gotten a friend to agree to hold my feet.

The hardest thing about the handstand is the fear. Why is it scary? Simple, no wall to stop me from falling over. That is why I will use my friend at first, or at least until I figure out how to control the getting up part.

The funny thing, I find, about CrossFit things is that I want to do them all the time. At least when I have a goal. It is not socially acceptable when walking by a blank wall to just flip over into a handstand. It is also generally viewed as odd to want to do pull-ups when you walk by pipes coming down out of the ceiling (granted, this would probably lead to some sort of flooding but that is a small price to pay for fitness). The worst is when I see a guy in another gym taking himself very seriously Dead-lifting 65lbs. I have this overwhelming desire to push him out of the way and snatch it.


  1. Good goals. Muscle ups look impossible. Have you ever actually seen a grown man dead lifting 65lbs? I hope that's a joke. :)

  2. I have, a couple of weeks ago.