Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stupid boys

Yesterday CFD's strength component was plank hold for a total of 5 min. You could break it up into whatever you needed to to get through but it had to add up to be 5 min total.

Before I went, I was talking to husband while changing from my work clothes into my work out clothes. I asked him what the WOD was and he told me about the 5 min plank hold. I said "I wonder if I can make it through 5 min strait." he intimately told me that I could not. GAME ON! Oh, it was going to happen. Sometimes I think Rich does that on purpose... He tells me I can not do something so it will make me mad enough to do it.

I did it. I was so happy... for an hour. That is when Chris showed up and did it with a weighted vest. Stupid boy.

The thing tat surprised me about this whole endeavor was that my abs were not what started to give out. My quads were the muscles that started to shake. This further proved a point a friend of mine made the other day.

We were watching this random guy and when he reached for something his shirt went up a little. He had ripped abs. I mean, they looked like 300 abs. I said. Holy c#@p did you see that guys abs. This friend told me that they were show pony abs. I said I want show pony abs. He just smiled and told me that I had work horse abs.

Great! Now I am a Clydesdale.


  1. To my knowledge, Chris is the only other person who did this yesterday and he's a fucking badass.
    Do you know what that makes you, B?
    It makes you a fucking badass.

    Give yourself some credit here!