Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cheat day disaster

I had a cheat day disaster. I ate 2 cookies and a hamburger yesterday and have been feeling like crap today. That will teach me to go off sugar and grain then shock my system back to the land of the American diet. Seriously, it has been a yucky day. I feel like a kid who has eaten an entire plate of cookie and wound up with sugar shock. The reason I decided to do a cheat day was that I was getting mean. I would see people with chocolate and think very evil thoughts about them. I read the "Urban gets Diesel" blog and realized how bad it was. She wrote a post about burpees vs cookies and all I could think was: "Only a hundred burpees for a cookie? Hell yeah I will do 100 burpees for a cookie." If only it were the burpees and not the ickyness too.

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