Monday, November 29, 2010

Serious time

I gained weight on my vacation. My net diary now states: You have lost zero pounds, on one page and: You have gained 4lbs, on another. I feel like yelling at it. I KNOW! I ate nothing but guacamole and sugar (the Mexicans, at my resort at least, love sugar), and drank copious amounts of alcohol. I am vowing right now to be better for the next few months. I will avoid things that are bad for me and if I partake in them I will work out like crazy to atone for my gluttony. I also smoked my first cigar and.... it was a Cuban. Look at how much I look like a baller.

I will not be doing a specific diet, just calorie reduction. I will try to eat better in general. I will also try to limit the amount of cream cheese wrapped rice I eat too. What? you say. They also like cream cheese on my little island and they think sushi should have carrot as tha main component.

Seriously though, I had a lot of fun and now I must work my butt off to get back to my starting point. So, if you see me reaching for something that is very bad for me; slap my hand.

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