Friday, October 19, 2012

A few reviews

Over the new week or so I am going to try to review a few different items.  First up: sports bras.  I have  tried a tun of different sports bras over the years.  You would think it does not matter that much but it does.

I personally prefer the bras that come in actual bra sizes to the S- M- L.  The fit better... much better.

In the interest of full discloser and so you understand what my issues are I am going to tell you my bra size.  I am a 32d.  If you know nothing about bra sizes then let me explain what that means.  That means that I am 28 inches around my rib cage.  For some odd reason here in America we add 4 to that number and then you have the actual bra band size.  The D part is the cup size.  Next you measure over your actual boobs.  For every inch that you are bigger than your band size you go up a letter.  Yes, I use to work in a lingerie store.    

Now that you understand how a bra sizing works you can see why someone with a 32d and someone with a 32a should not be wearing the same size.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens when you go with the S-M-L sizing.

I have recently seen the 0-2-4-6 sizing as well.  That is only marginally better than a S-M-L sizing.

So, the first bra up is the Lululemon Lift and separate bra.

I love this bra.  
*First of all it comes in actual sizes.  Which is awesome.  
*It is flattering. Not a huge issue but so rare that it is worth mentioning
*Like the name says, it separates.  This is nice for sweating issues.  It just keeps you cooler.
*You stay in place.  It is comfortable running and you do not pop out while doing burpees.  Awesome.

What I would change:
* The buckle is a little uncomfortable.  Maybe put a protective piece of fabric under it like real bras have at the hook area.  I think if I ran a marathon in it I might get a strawberry at the hook site.  (This has happened to me with another bra.)
* I would make the straps adjustable.  

Over all I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

I would definitely buy it again.

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