Friday, October 19, 2012

Lululemon Breath of Fire Bra

Damn it Lululemon!  You screwed up your bra.  

*Let me add the disclaimer that I say this as a CrossFitter and a runner.  I have no clue if this screws up the bra for yoga people.*

This is the Breath of Fire Bra.  I know, it looks just like the lift and separate bra but with a better clasp,

but its not.

They screwed it up in 2 ways:
*They made it a pushup.  Sure my boobs look bigger in the gym, but I do not care if my boobs look bigger in the gym.  I care that they stay in my bra while doing a snatch.  The push up aspect makes it so your boobs pop out when doing various exercises, like burpees or snatches or thruster.  I am constantly adjusting.  Not good!
*They changed the sizing.  It is now a 2-4-6-8 sizing.  Annoying to say the least.

I would not recommend this bra if you plan on doing anything active in it.  If you want to just sit around and look cute, go for it.

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