Friday, December 7, 2012


Well that did not work.  I had one good week followed by a very bad Thanksgiving week. My solution was to get help.  I needed a drastic change, a jump start to better eating.  I was having trouble doing it alone so I asked this guy for help:

(I took this photo of him, just in case you were wondering.)  

This is Stew Peters.  He has an office in my gym. He put me on his cleanse diet.

What is Stew's cleanse diet?  
First week - Only Fruits, Vegetables, and protein shakes
Second and Third week - add in Chicken and Fish

Then you are suppose to slowly add other things back in but I am going to Mexico 2 days after I finish... So, I will be adding tacos and Margaritas back in then.

I am on day 3 and I feel okay with the exception of the massive caffeine withdrawal I am suffering.

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