Friday, May 7, 2010

Confusion is nothing new

So as far as the holy grail of Whole30 is concerned, I found it, but it confused me more. I met Dallas and Melissa of Whole9 (and the Whole30 program) last night. They came to crossfit for a nutrition seminar.

I thought they did an excellent job getting the point across regarding how what you eat can pretty much be traced back to 2 main things - insulin and inflammation. Things you eat either promote aggressive, moderate or limited insulin responses and likewise for inflammation. I liked that they spoke about foods that make you less healthy or more healthy - not bad or good. In general, they suggest eating things that are more healthy, which in turn give you a limited insulin response and are ANTI inflammatory in nature. This my friends, makes sense and is not like asking you to just not eat carbs. I get this. And I get why they want me to do this. I call this success.

However, at the very end, I got confused. I was talking a bit with Melissa and she sort of shook up my confidence in my own program. I may not put them on the blog (think I should though - working on it), but I post to facebook pretty much every day what I am eating for dinner. I mean a picture, I post a picture. Anywho - I make up most of these "recipes" and it gives others ideas and keeps a log for me too to refer to when I don't know what to fix. I credit my mom for being able to do this - I just fix stuff and cook and it is good and mostly it is because I grew up watching my mom do this. My mom is an awesome cook, baker, homemaker, house fixer, friend...happy mother's day Mom!

Oh boy, I digress.

Anywho - confusion. So Ashley and Dave tell Melissa I do this and then I share some of the things I make and then she says she challenges me to eat things that aren't so savory. And that I shouldn't be making things I like into a paleo version - she doesn't think that will work for me. WTF? I don't understand this. First, I don't think I do that. I mean, alot of the things I came up with were new things I never cooked with or ate (spaghetti squash for example and bacon). Also, it was alot of learning how to make a dinner that is meat and veggies and some fruit, nuts, seed and oil that were tasty. My dinners always had a grain and usually a dairy too, so this was definitely a challenge.

I think, after speaking to Dave about this, the intention was to try to get my mental relationship with food to change. Not just trying to make "low carb" eating fit my old lifestyle. I get it. Which I honestly, and I am honest in this forum, think I am doing. Or I wouldn't be doing this again. I've talked about this - my thoughts about food changed in a remarkable way around the Week 3 mark. I'm slowly seeing that again on this second round.

I have respect for their expertise, but really, in the grand scheme of things, I think the direction I am going in is the right direction. Perhaps tweaking this down the road is in order if indeed I am unsuccessful. But I like how I feel and look WHILE eating bacon and spaghetti squash. Sorry. But I do. Its a long way from a whole pizza and a side of cake.

We talked a bit about my cheat / treat strategy and decided that doing this, was never really allowing my body to heal from the inflammation the less healthy foods caused. So we did agree that probably I can't do periodic treats / cheats very successfully. At least not right now. I am OK with that. For now :)

In the end, we all concurred that I need longer than 30 days. Too many years of a tumultuous relationship with food to be changed in 30 days. I am committed to my 90 days. I wonder if I will feel like it needs to be 1,000,000 days. That's how I feel today. Sigh.


  1. Thanks for the post. I hate the fact that I missed them. I really wanted to hear what they had to say. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating spaghetti squash and bacon. Spaghetti squash is a vegetable and paleo. Bacon is not technically paleo, but Melissa Urban says on her blog that it's okay. I think the problem people get into is when they make processed foods such as cookies or bread from paleo ingredients. That's a problem b/c you would never eat the amount of almonds that end up in a paleo cookie made from almond flour if you just ate almonds in their natural state. You end up taking in much more food when you process it. Although I LOVE those chocolate almond butter things you make and they're great for a treat every now and then.

  2. Too savory for your particular goals, or for dinners in general?

  3. Dori - right I get that and thank you for totally validating my feelings. I really don't feel like I am trying to make cookies and pizzas and things I like to eat when emotionally eating. Or at least I didn't during my first go round. Just recently I made pancakes with almond meal, but just because I wanted to try it. I don't even eat pancakes.

    Lindsay, that is the part I don't get. Did she think I was trying to make spaghetti because I was craving spaghetti? But I wasn't, I just know how to make this now and its easy. So it is a easy, tasty dinner. Or in general, should we (all of us) be eating more simple foods (read no rich sauces made from healthy foods and no creative recipes with avocado and coconut milk). Thats not the way I want to live though. Food should be enjoyed to some degree right?

    So confused. Maybe I should just shell out the $50 for the post seminar consult. I really thought I was going in the right direction.

  4. Thanks, Mo, for the compliments and the Happy Mother's Day. Maybe I planted the seed and nurtured it a little, but you have given it the care it needs to grow and thrive.

    I think you are making this work for you to be healthy long term. Maybe it is not strictly "by the book", but it is working and will be something you can live with. You and I both know that if you eat (the 4 letter word - diet) and don't enjoy the food, you'll always want to get to the point you can get back to eating what you like. And we know where that leads. You, more than anybody else, know your own body and mind and I'm confident that you will make the decisions to make food work for you so that you'll never be a slave to it again.

    Love you,

  5. My mom rocks, plain and simple.

    Thanks Mom.