Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frailty Frustration

I like titles that alliterate. As most of you know I did something to my wrist. Last night I had to go get an MRI. It was the weirdest experience. Duke has a section of a parking lot fenced off . Within this fenced they have several tractor trailers that house MRIs. They are all connected with a wooden deck and you check in inside of a single wide. As if that was not weird enough; my appointment was at 10pm. 10pm is my bed time. I did not get out of there until 11. I will know the results today. I am hoping they say that I will be fine in a week or so just wear your brace. I am not suppose to do anything with my hand but I am finding that to be a very difficult undertaking. I am also getting weaker by the min. I am running a lot. I have run a bout 10 miles this week already. I guess that is good but I know I am loosing ground on everything else and that is incredibly frustrating. I will keep you posted on the results. Until then, sorry boot camp girls, but running with you has made me happy; and hey, you can tell everyone you ran a 5 k. :)

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