Saturday, May 1, 2010

My hips don't lie - part 2

So last year I posted about my hip pain when I run. I went to an ortho, nothing, PT, nothing, lose a crap load of weight and it magically disappeared!

But hold on. Its back.

I swear its the shoes.

Today I ran all over chapel hill with my good pals from Crossfit Local. I wore my fun Nike Shox. They are those Nike ID shoes. I love them. I designed maybe 3 pairs so far.

Today, as I walked back to my car - there it was. The ole hip pain from long (ok, not so long) ago.

Now, I have been running (not a ton) for several months now at crossfit with no pain. But you know what has been different? I wear my chucks.

I swear its the shoes.

Bye bye Nikes. Sigh. Hello custom chucks. Smile.

P.S. Paleo day 1 today. Just finished my fave snack - apple + sunbutter. Ok it was dinner - I'm tired.

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