Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love Melinda

Tonight I eavesdropped on a conversation between Jack and Greg. I was not doing this intentionally, but they started chatting right next to where I happened to die after tonight's WOD. The gist of it was this: It is easy to forget how badass you are. We spend a great deal of time around fellow badasses. Being around these amazing people makes us forget that we too have come a long way. My mom would refer to this as the top 1% effect. My mother is usually talking about academia but it is basically the same thing. When you spend all of your time with the Ivy League crowd, you forget that you are indeed intelligent too. You tend to compare yourself to those around you and not the general public.

I fall prey to this in Crossfit too. It is ridiculously apparent when I am doing the affiliate training. I think to myself, I suck. I was so much slower than everyone else. Of course everyone else includes Mitchell, Sarah, and Ollie. Greg pointed this out tonight. He reminded Jack and me that if you were to pull the average Joe off of the street, you would kick his ass (I am paraphrasing).

One of the most kick-ass people that I know at Crossfit is Melinda. She has stuck with it through pain and all. She has just figured out other ways to complete the WODs. Mostly she rows instead of running (which I think is much worse). The point is she has not given up. I know this about her but just like I think I suck compared to Mitchell, she thinks it too. The funny thing is that I can see it in her and completely miss it in me.

So, good people of Crossfit, try to remember you are awesome.

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  1. Thanks Bea. I really needed to see this today!

    Good people of crossfit - listen to Bea.