Sunday, September 6, 2009

Uber Crossfit

Friday I started the affiliate training. I was not going to do it originally because, honestly I do not think I would have a shot in hell at making it to the games. Jack and Dori convinced me to go anyway.
First of all, the "warm-up" is a WOD in itself. We did: 20, 15, 10 super wall balls (the have to go up higher than the top mark) and double unders. I am HORRIBLE at jumping rope, so I did 3 regular hops for every double under. I would like to believe that if I bought a Buddy Lee jump rope that his wonderful jump roping skills would some how pass through the jump rope into me; but I know that is not going to happen.... sadly.
I digress, the first WOD was: 3 rounds for time of 10 back squats, 10 jumping squat things, and 10 pull-ups. I went with only 85lbs on the back squats because my butt still hurts from the 150 lunges we did the other day. The jumping squat things consisted of performing a squat and then a leap into the air from said squat. These jumping things are the worst things on the planet. No one should leap into the air from a squat. Whoever thought of those should be shot. If I had a world of my own I would outlaw those. You sir, that is a lovely air squat you are performing, now come out of it appropriately and do not even think of performing any frog like motion. I used the blue band on my pull-ups and attempted to kip. Thank you Landy for your help the other day. I truly believe I will have it some time soon.... I did this WOD in 5 something.
The second (or third if you count the "warm-up") WOD was: 5 rounds for time of Row 250, dead lift your body weight plus half (this is absurd and I think only Mitchell is capable of such silliness... and Mandy, but Mandy has been bitten by a radioactive spider or something so she does not count). Finally, you finish it up with burpee box jumps. I had to modify a few things but I finished in 15:49.
I know I sound negative in this blog, but I love it. I have never been athletic. I was on the swim team and track team in high school but I was always last and really sucked at it. The other night I did several WODs with some of the best people at Crossfit Durham and did not absolutely suck. In fact I was downright okay. You might be rolling your eyes and saying, "Bea you need to stop beating yourself up." But the truth is, I'm not. I am really proud of myself. Sure, I was wiped out afterward, but so was everyone. I am in better shape now than I have ever been. I am stronger and healthier. I use to be thinner but I was kind of weak.
I am well aware that Crossfit is not for everyone. It is hard, you will hurt afterward, and you may even think very bad thoughts about whoever came up with those squat leaping things. I on the other hand love it and the people I do it with. It has made me stronger, happier, and honestly, a little proud of myself.


  1. a radioactive spider bite, hey? is that my diagnosis? im ok with that. and good job :).

  2. that is the only logical explanation.