Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have lost 12lbs of weight since November. I do not know what my actual fat loss is because I did not get it checked before I started actually trying to loose weight. I say actually because the other times were sort of halfhearted attempts. I am guessing it is about a 3% drop in body fat right now because of this.

So, onto my thoughts for the day. I am back to wondering how much fat I actually need to loose. I am not trying to be lazy and eat more chocolate (although that is appealing). I am trying to limit my self loathing a bit. I know I do not look good in a bathing suit right now. I tried one on last weekend and at Tommy Hilfiger and then had to fight the urge to jump off of something very high. This is especially sad because my favorite thing in the world after Husband and Gurtie is water. It is a shame that the outfit you need to get in the water make you so miserable.

As of this morning I weigh 125.4. I think I need to weigh 115 to be okay with my body. I came up with 115 because that is close to what I was when I first moved to NC from Chicago (NC makes me fat).

I found this website today. According to it my lean body weight is 100.915 lbs. That makes me 26 lbs of fat. So, now I have to figure out how much body fat I actually want. I am going to go with 15 % because that puts me right in the on the lower end of athlete (and we all want to be athletes). I followed this formula from the same website just a different page:

126.4 pounds x 0.15 = 18.96 pounds body fat
100 pounds lean body mass + 18.96 pounds body fat = 119 pounds goal weight.

That isn't too far off from my original 115. Okay, 7 lbs is what I am aiming for.

By the way this was all spurred by this post about the 5lbs of fat model.

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