Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A day for CrossFit

Occasionally you have a day that makes you say to yourself, I could use a hard core beating to deal with the shit of life.  I don't like to share too much about myself through this blog.  Just enough to let people know they are not alone in feeling: Yes, CrossFit is in fact hard and others suck at it too, but it is worth it.  Today, I think I am going to let you know a little more about me because, frankly I need to vent and I have to work so I will not be able to get to the gym until 5.

Today, life handed me a big pile of steaming pooh.  It handed me this lovely gift through CNN Money.  Why do I care about this you ask... My dad flies for American Airlines.  In fact, my uncle and my great uncle fly and flew for American.  I worry about all 3 of them.  My great Uncle is probably the most in danger of loosing his pension.  He is not capable of getting another job to support himself at this time.  He is in his 70s and has severe Parkinson's disease.

I have tried calling my dad several times.  He is flying right now, so no luck.  I did finally get a hold of my mom and she said that they did not know this was actually coming.  You see, American is the only Airline of the Grandfather Airlines that has always refused to file for Bankruptcy.  They are kind of a legend in the flight industry because of it.  When I was in college an entire chapter in my Business course was devoted to how American has avoided bankruptcy over the years.  The most impressive was the removal of 2 olives from every salad. 

After Sept 11th, all of the pilots took a 30% pay cut and agreed to fly more so that American did not have to do what all the other airlines were doing, file for Chapter 11.  Today, that sacrifice was for not.  I know a lot of people will say that they are over paid.  I do not agree with this.  To become a professional pilot you need extensive training (which cost a fortune) and then thousands upon thousands of logged flight time before you are hired to fly a puddle jumper at $19k a year.  Sure, the income takes a huge jump after several years in the cockpit but you have to put in your dues.  A lot of time away from home, with low pay and sleep deprivation.  They do not do this for the money, they do it because they love to fly. 

My dad loves to fly.  He can tell you what any plane is that flies over head.  He use to take me to the air show every year.  And some nights he and I would take the convertible bug to the end of the Daytona lading strip to watch planes land. 

The day he was hired by American he was also hired by Eastern.  He decided to go with American a really lucky decision.  A decision he made because of American's honorable history.  Today, they finally gave in and filed for Chapter 11.   My dad should be fine until retirement but I do not know what will happen then.  He will probably take another pay cut and fly more.  He will do it with little complaint because he is an amazing guy and he loves to fly.

As for me, today I will work my ass off in the gym because I can't help my dad.  And when I feel powerless, Working out really hard is the only thing that makes me feel better.

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