Friday, November 18, 2011


Certain lifts make me nervous.  This is mainly because I do not have health insurance and I have hurt myself in the past.  The snatch is one of those lifts.  I have been stuck at 65 lbs for a long time.  A few weeks ago I started lifting sporadically with one of the guys at the gym.  It started with just pull-up ladders.  He is a super nice guy and very encouraging in a way that works well for me.  To be honest he mocks me int o feeling guilty about how much of a wimp I am being so I do more weight.  (It is a friendly mocking; like a big brother.)

On Tuesday, we did my (coach's) WOD.  It was: 5 rounds of 5 man-makers, 5 dead-hang pull-ups, and run 200 meters.  I, unlike some other coaches, think that it is important to suffer through the pain I am inflicting on others.  I did it in a little over 15 min.  I actually liked it a lot.  It is one of those WODs that make you feel like you have really worked out. 

The strength component of the day was one rep max of snatch. As I said earlier, I was not lifting with the 2 boys that day because it was my WOD.  They were lifting across the gym.  I talked to them briefly about my snatch being ugly and joking ensued.  I rolled my eyes kicked one of them and walked away.  I put on my headphones because this required one of my power ballads... Jesus Walks.  Yes, I know it is a little silly but that song and Eminem's Loose Yourself are the 2 songs that make me push harder.  First attempt was ugly.  and Dave said: "you got it over head but that would not count in a competition."  So, I tried again.  And it was much prettier and it would have counted.  Cow bell rung.  Then the boys made fun of how wimpy I rang the cow bell.


  1. that's awesome! but i'm dying to know: how much did you snatch?!

  2. Just 70lbs but I actually think I can do more.