Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I can not walk

I am having a hard time moving at all today.  I also have very obvious bruises on my shins where the bar hits in the dead-lift position and then on my hips where it hits when I do the hip thrust for the snatch.  (Yes, I am aware that last sentence sounds dirty).

One of my workout buddies told me to do the movement with so much power that it would bruise my legs. I doubt he was being literal but then again he is the one that told me I was made from peaches.  It took me 20 million attempts but I finally got it up there and hit a new PR.

Results of perseverance:
Plus: New snatch PR
Minus: Can not move

Not sure if it was worth it.  Ask me tomorrow.  I might just row tonight to loosen myself up a bit. 

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