Saturday, October 3, 2009


I do not know why jumping on a box is scary at all, but it is. Images of bruised shins seem to float through the head right before you make the leap. This past week was the week of PR jumps. It ranged from people finally getting the nerve to jump on the 12 inch box to Jack's 53.5 inch jump. (I stole this picture from Lindsay's Facebook page, thank you Lindsay.)I went from jumping only on the 12 inch box to the black one with 3 plates on top making it 25 inches. If I did not see Daniel and Ollie jump on something that was around the height of the picture above I would not believe it. It truly was impressive. The thing that I found the most interesting is how much more one is capable of then one thinks. It just takes that first Lemming to get the entire heard motivated. Thank you Jack for being that first Lemming.

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