Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dori and Bea Inspired

After Dori posted the link to T Storm's page I read every post on her blog. She is f@#%ing hilarious. Dori has convinced me to enter the Carolina Fitness Challenge in December. The conversation went like this.....

Dori: "Are you competing in December to be the strongest person in North Carolina?"
Bea: "I have no chance of winning."
(Dunsmore walks by)
Bea: "She is the fittest person in North Carolina" (I point at Sarah)
Dori: (looking somewhat disappointed by me) "So, you should try anyway!"
Sarah: "You totally should."
Dori: "We can train together"

Needless to say, I am training for the fitness challenge. This is partly because I do not want to disappoint Dori and partly because Dunsmore told me to. Jack is suppose to be telling me what to do,which in itself is intimidating. Anyone that does not know Dori's husband, Jack does not understand the crazy shit he come up with. So, Monday begins Dori's and my quest to be a badass.

I even made bracelets for us.

1 comment:

  1. YESSS. I want a bracelet. What do I have to do to get one?
    Thanks for the link and shout-outs.
    Together we shall become badass. Maybe not today... or tomorrow... but one day. See you in December!