Monday, April 5, 2010

I guess I'll still post stuff

So I could post about really important things like how it was the 6 year anniversary of my brothers death on Friday and I did not eat my weight in pizza and chocolate to make it through the day. Or I could post about what an awesome support system crossfit has helped me build. Or I could post about how I made it through Easter relatively unscathed and back on the wagon (minus some serious revolt from my body a couple of times).

No, I am going to post about this photo. I earned a crossfit battle scar and that makes me feel good. Its been a long time since I have earned one. But its like a badge of honor. What is not shown here is the flap of skin I had to tear off.

We had to do 30 dumbbell overhead things, 40 dynamic pushups and 50 pull ups. First of all, rx weight for the dumbbell was 22.5. I did 20lbs but probably could have done the 22.5. I had the 15's nearby and did not go to them once. The dynamic pushups I did at an angle on the bottom of the pull up bar. I did this because last time I gave myself the most terrible road rash EVER and then there were lots of jokes about how my knees got road rash... har har people. Anywho - I think doing them on the bar was better because you had a target to reach with your chest. I could have had a fuller range of motion, but I tell you what, those were really tough after the dumbbell things.

So to the point of the post. BLUE BAND BITCHES! I own that blue band now. Me and blue, we're through. I've gotta step it up to the red. I said a lot of bad words and things that are very uncharacteristic of me, but I was kind of proud of myself because I had that red band next to me to add to it - but I didn't. It took me awhile to finish - I was the last one in my heat, but I did all 50 on the blue band and I felt really good about this. I think my Feb goal was to do 10 in a row. I certainly didn't do all 50 in a row, in fact it got to one or two at a time at the end, but I did them all on the blue band. I can remember doing something similar - I think Angie - which is 100 pull ups on the tan band and feeling super proud of that too. I really want to be able to do just one pull up. Maybe by the end of the year.

Oh and I did a couple of handstands. I love handstands. Every day is better with a handstand.

These are the kinds of days that I like to say damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

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  1. yay you! what a great accomplishment! once again, so proud of you! :)