Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The numbers really don't lie

So at work, I participated in this 6 week weight loss challenge with some co-workers. Didn't matter what program you did so I said sure, I'll do it. You weighed in every 2 weeks and you could get a spit out from those fancy fat analyzers. Well today was the last day of that program and I got my final fat analyzed. I think this coincides nicely with the end of my challenge, so I am going to share the numbers.

Start date was 16 Feb - which was just a week and a half or so before my paleo challenge started.

Total weight loss = 12 lbs
% fat loss = 3.5%
Change in fat free body mass = - 0.6lb
Actual pounds of fat lost = 11.2lbs

I'm really glad I have these numbers because it shows the opposite of what I was afraid was happening. I DID NOT LOSE MUSCLE. I lost fat. Fatty mcfat fat. I WIN again!

The other numbers in inches lost - now remember I had a cookie palooza the night before and was super bloated. I think that is why it is so dramatic in my waistline.
Waist - 4
Hips - 2
Boobs - 2
Thigh - 1.5
Arm - 0.5

This is pretty crazy right? Awesome results.

I didn't go crazy today either - since its no longer my 30 day challenge. I'm kind of just still doing paleo. Just not as strict I guess. I had raspberry chipotle sauce on my ground turkey today. woah - watch out!

I'm not going to lie. I haven't been feeling as great as I have in the past few weeks. But I am also Super Duper stressed about work, life, just stuff in general. I need to do more crossfitting.

OK people - that concludes my reporting on my paleo challenge. Oh yeah, I did pose some questions to Melissa and Dallas (of Whole30) and I got a response today - if you are interested in their response - check out their website and scroll through to the newest comments. Can't wait to meet these guys in May.

Maybe I'll keep posting stuff - its kind of fun.


  1. you rock, melinda. once again, so proud of you. awesome numbers!

  2. what about the challenge at work? who won and what diet did they use?

  3. Those numbers look really good! Sure shows what's working for you. You may stop being so serious about Paleo, but please don't stop blogging. You're inspiring and fun to read.

    Love you,

  4. Michael - still don't know yet who won or what the other folks were doing. I'll post it if they share that with us!

    Thanks Mom! Can't wait to see you!