Monday, March 1, 2010

Whole30 for a whole 30

I have been toying with a 30 day challenge since January. Just didn't know what I wanted to do. I really have to psyche myself up for these kinds of things. Well, I did and I am psyched. I'm going paleo style for 30 days. Pretty much following the advice given over at Whole30.

I have to say, Whole30 is probably the best tough love regarding nutrition I've seen in a long time. Melissa Byers (of Urban Gets Diesel) really tells it like it is. The things that resonate with me most are 1) Its not hard - giving up heroin is hard - this is not hard eating good quality food. 2) If you think it is about the caveman, you are missing the point.

I agree. I'm looking at this as an experiment. Kind of excited I guess. I wonder what I'm going to feel like, how I will perform and even if I will look different.

I eat clean about 90% of the time, so the big changes are no dairy (i heart cheese sticks) and no grains (I have brown rice pasta at least 2 or 3 times a week). I am still tracking my food and activity in my weight watchers tools and I'm still going to go to the meetings - just because I think it will add something to my experiment.

So, I took on the challenge and I am going to report my progress right here on our blog.

Day 1 was not so bad. I had a terrible cookie palooza last night in preparation and I really do regret it. I felt awful today. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I am posting a picture of my first dinner. It was actually awesome. Giant bed of cabbage with ground beef and spices and onion, tomatoes, red pepper and avocado.

Overall message re: Day 1 - cookies are evil; raw cabbage is a good noodle substitute - who knew?

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