Sunday, March 21, 2010

Racing to the cupcake

Yesterday I competed in my first race ever. My first athletic event EVER. OK thats not true - I used to be on a dance team, but this is the first athletic competition other than dance. 2K indoor rowing. I got a 8:43 - not a PR, but still pretty good I guess. PR would have been 8:38. I couldn't keep my pace steady and only practice I think would have helped that. Sara C - who is awesome - helped me through this and made me feel better afterwords by telling me that losing weight actually hurt my time (bigger bodies produce more power and can go faster). I love her for this. If this is the negative from losing weight - hey, I'll take it.

I didn't train at all other than keeping up with crossfit WODs and pilates. There were half a dozen or so other crossfitters who entered and frankly, we held our own with those rowing club members. A true testament to the badasses we have at crossfit Durham, but also a testament to the programming of our crossfit WODs. Functional fitness. I also thought it was funny that some kids met pukie. Maybe it was nerves, but I kept thinking this is just a normal WOD kids.

A big ginormous shout out to fellow crossfitters Courtney and Erin and Matt who rowed for 30 minutes. Brutal. I would never want to do that unless someone was chasing me in the water and I needed to get away. Seriously. 2K is enough. Period.

I was SO nervous and not sure why I had signed up for this torture, but am so glad I did. And just kept telling myself what Dave kept telling me, its just another WOD. Oh and the really cool part - other than all of my fellow crossfitters telling me how good I did - was my name was actually on my erg. My name. As a competitor. Hee hee - never would have thought I would see that if you asked me a couple of years ago - or really even a few months ago.

And if you are wondering about the cupcake part - I had a bridal shower after this and they served ginormous cupcakes. I love cupcakes. Its like a little miniature party anytime you eat one. A little cake, a lot of frosting. Yum. But Melinda, you are doing paleo for 30 days! Yep, so I didn't have one. AND IT WAS HARD PEOPLE. Hard I tell you. Then they also had that special bridal / baby shower punch with the sherbet and ginger ale. Didn't have that either and wanted that too. This would have been the special occasion that a paleo cheat would be totally OK. But I no cheaty. At least not for my 30 days.

Week 4 starts tomorrow!


  1. you are so awesome. :) i'm so happy i can say i know you and that you're a friend.

    and i'm way jealous that you resisted cupcakes and the sherbet punch. that takes some major will power!

  2. Mo - You resisted cupcakes?, but more importantly, you entered an atlectic event! Congrats on both!