Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pea Shoots - sure I'll try that

Day 3 - feeling a little tired, but stayed up late. Had late night coffee. ooops.

I really wanted my dinner from Day 1 again - but thought I would branch out. My fridge is chock full of spectacular colorful goodness. I had pea shoots with my dinner tonight. How can you not walk by something labeled "pea shoots" and not want to purchase them? I know, right? Pea shoots raw were just OK. I used them as a lettuce substitute. Like for my salad. Kind of a grassy taste. Looks like grass, so seems logical. I am thinking that they would be good stir fried maybe. I'd give em a go again. And maybe add bacon! Yes! I will try that.

Perhaps I should share my day time stuff too.

Breakfast #1 - about 1/8 cup of OJ with my green drink powder, 2 hard boiled egg whites, 4 almonds
Breakfast #2 - 2 oz no salt turkey from WF + no sugar added applesauce / cinnamon
Lunch - big ass salad with chicken, sunflower seeds and balsalmic vinegar; fruit cup (from cafeteria salad bar)
Snack - before adult sorority (boo) - banana + cashew macadamia nut butter

I am thinking that I might be eating too much fruit - but maybe it doesn't matter yet.

Lost another pound. I know its just water, but it is still a pound.

Oh - interestingly, eating this way keeps me within my Weight Watchers points so far. So maybe its possible to be a paleo weight watcher. But thats just crazy talk.

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