Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In the name of friendship

I ventured to the land of carbtastic goodness for dinner on Day 2 for my friend Jack. We went to Maggiano's for his b-day.

How to make pasta and bread and cheezy goodness paleo-like? You don't. You don't get the pasta, you don't get the bread and you definitely don't get the cheesy goodness (or chocolate cake). What you can get is delicious normal food and a night out with your friends.

I ordered the Beef Braciole hold the pasta and add steamed veggies. It was delish - I wish I would have snapped a photo. There was some cheese, but the waiter promised me it was but a tiny ingredient. Wondering if this heightens your taste buds for the things you have eliminated because I was able to taste the tiny bit of cheese. And my paleo tastebuds were less than 2 days old. You really never fully know what you are getting when eating out anyway. You just do your best.

Would Byers have been OK with this? Probably not, I'd probably be fired and not allowed back in to her challenge. For me, it is still within the boundaries of this challenge. I mean you still have to live your life. Well, maybe I'm a little disappointed truth be told as I typically do all or nothing.

But anyway, I count this as a successful Day 2. Again, if you think this is about the caveman, and eliminating every ounce of non-paleoness in your life, you are missing the point. The point is about experimenting with how food makes me feel. Beef Braciole made me feel full and satisfied whereas I feel certain the pasta-bready-cheesy goodness would have made me feel like crap. And again, giving up heroin is hard. This is not hard giving up pasta-bready-cheesy goodness.

P.S. I have lost the 3 pounds of cookie palooza.

P.S.S. Thanks to my fellow diners who let me be high maintenance and supported me in counting this as a successful Day 2!

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  1. I'm so glad you came out last night and I would definitely count last night as a success! I wouldn't let a little bit of dairy worry me. A lot of paleo people say dairy is OK, especially if it is full fat dairy which you can probably count on that at a restaurant. Good Job!