Saturday, March 6, 2010

No post dinner muffin top

So it has been 5 days total that I have adopted a paleo-ish diet. I've lost 6 pounds and feel pretty awesome. Someone tonight told me I was glowing. And I'm definitely not pregnant. Paleo? Could be.

So you might be wondering why I say paleo-ish. I say that because I am doing the best I can while still living a normal life. For example, tonight at a restaurant I ordered teriyaki beef plate that came with sauteed spinach and grilled asparagus. I'm sure there was some salt, sugar (teriyaki), butter, or other paleo no-no's, but I made the best choice I could.

First of all, that is a meal worth paying for. It was yumola. Second, it was a lot of food and people were kind of jealous of what I ordered. We should address the righteous feeling that comes along with eating this way, but I will leave that for another post. Third, I ATE THE WHOLE PLATE OF FOOD and still sat comfortably in my jeans for the rest of the night. Usually when I go out out, I don't eat much because of the whole tight pants thing that comes after you eat. This did not happen. At all. Holy hannah, that may be the single most interesting piece of the experiment so far.

Earlier today had I posted I would have been very negative. I felt pretty bad. Like my body just wanted me to stop. I didn't eat much at all this morning = one egg white and 4 almonds and half a lara bar after pilates. Went shopping (topic for another post!) and had to sit in the dressing rooms for awhile I was so tired. Went home and ate eggs, bacon and a pear and sunbutter (my new fave snack). Still felt crappy. Didn't really feel better until I ate dinner. Basically I am learning that a protein heavy meal is going to make me feel crappy, whereas a protein / carb (veggie) balanced meal, makes me feel awesome.

Experimenting is cool.

P.S. I still totally wanted to chow on the cheesy spinach and artichoke dip and pitas that the whole table was eating. There is strength that comes from abstaining.

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