Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kitchen gadgetry

Today I went shopping again for pants that don't fall down. After many many many try ons and sample cleans in the dressing room, I came home with a $50 sports bra. Still searching for pants that don't fall down. Sigh.

But I had no problem buying some new kitchen gadgetry. I tried to make a smoothie today and killed my immersion blender. Those make mean smoothies, so I went to our local BB&B and purchased one. Then I also found an Al-Clad grill pan. It was pricey, but I'm cooking alot of meat, and it is not always convenient to go outside and grill. BB&B has many many gadgets. They kept sneaking in my cart. It was very easy for me to purchase things that were going to make this challenge easier.

HOLY COW, this pan rocks. It cooked up my last pork chop evenly at low temperature. Also cooked the ole zucchini in the same pan. But the best part is that it cleaned up so easily! YAY! I have a LaCruset one that is a bitch to clean, so I never want to use it. This one is awesome. You should go pick one up.

I used coconut milk tonight to develop a sauce for my chop. I combined light coconut milk, OJ, lime juice and cinnamon + tiny bit of agave. Sprinkled a few coconut flakes in. I spooned a couple of spoonfuls on said chop. It was pretty good. Too much lime maybe. Maybe next time, will do without the lime. But this sauce - would probably be VERY good frozen as an "ice cream" treat. I love coconut, so I must be careful with experimenting with it.

I hit a brick wall again shopping today. I think I need to carry more snacks with me. I ate a half a lara bar (why do they have to be so damn expensive and where can I find the "mini" ones locally? Oh and did you know they had a new tropical one? Its delish. I digress). Anywho - my point is I think my eggs and bacon breakfasts on the weekend need much much more carbs. I just can't figure out how to do veggies for breakfast. I do fruit, but maybe I just have to amp up my fruit. Still experimenting.

P.S. We found out that the Whole30 herself will be coming to CFDurham in May. I'm stoked!


  1. Lori introduced me to a great breakfast veggie option...broccoli slaw! It is really tasty and goes well with breakfast. They have it at Kroger...don't know where else. Fruit is always a great option too.

  2. Michael found a great recipe for homemade larabars online -

    You can make them into small balls/bars and it is about 1/3-1/2 the cost of a regular larabar (especially if you are getting the ingredients in bulk from costco). All you need is a food processor.

  3. Becky - I couldn't resist - I found the motherload of all flavors at WF tonight. I think I bought 10. Perhaps I will try this recipe, but I was weak tonight.