Friday, March 12, 2010

Stress while paleo'ing

So the last couple of days have been super stressful. The heating and air guys found some excessively dangerous amounts of mold in my crawlspace that carries a $10K price tag to fix. I mean seriously, who has that kind of money to throw around to do anything let alone do something crappy with it like fix mold.

Anywho - my point of this is to say that in the past, things like this lead me to my old standby of pizza, cake, cookies...whatever. Comfort food. This time, this did not happen. I didn't even have an urge to do this. I remember having a thought like, "this is what I used to do", but not to the point where I headed out to the nearest Harris Teeeter. Instead, I reached out for help. Huh, people will help me? That is a new concept for me to understand.

I don't understand it, but seriously wonder if the paleo-style eating does in fact change your emotional relationship with food as the folks at Whole30 mentioned. Or am I just hyper sensitive to the fact that I committed to 30 days? This is a possibility, although I have to say that I have quit counting days. I am not like, counting down the days until I can have bread. THAT IS WEIRD.

If you read the Whole30 blog post, you will see that others mention this over and over. That it changes the way you look at food. I went into this with a very open mind. Looking at this as an experiment, so perhaps this has allowed me to see changes. I don't know.

This seems like a touchy feely post.

So the other thing going on is that I am so freakin close to losing 100 pounds. 100 pounds people - that is a small adult female. This means alot to me. It has been super hard work. Proof that you can lose weight, even alot of weight, without surgery or pills. HARD WORK does it just fine. Slow, but just fine. I had my great aunt's giant diamond set to celebrate this milestone. I was point one of a pound away from reaching 100 the day I found out about the mold. I guess my body said fight or flight in response to the stress and held on to an extra pound of water. I gained instead of lost. The ring continues to be on hold. Thats OK, I will get there. Once I reach 100, I commit to stop obsessing over the scale and just keep doing what I am doing and let nature take its course.

So to sum it up - it is possible that eating paleo can reduce your urges to stress eat. It is also possible to lose 100 pounds without surgery or pills. And, it is possible to rely on your friends for support instead of food.


  1. woohoo! I'm sorry to hear about the mold and the stress...but I am so happy for you. What you have done is very inspiring; can't wait to see pictures of that ring soon :)

  2. you rock, melinda! sorry about your stressful day, but i'm so happy for you. keep up the good work! you're awesome!