Sunday, March 7, 2010

Team Paleo

I'm hesitant to post this because I've started paleo challenges and stopped them so many times that I don't think anyone will take me seriously. I know I wouldn't :)

But, I told Melinda I would join her in her paleo challenge and that I would post here as well so we could see each other's progress. I had no intention of doing a paleo challenge. I love eating paleo and can definitely tell a difference in the way I look and feel when I eat paleo style, but I didn't want to go 30 days without cheating. However, I've been impressed lately with the progress I've seen in other crossfitters, both in our gym (Durham and Local) and other gyms once they really focused on their diet and training and I want to see those results as well. So, I'm joining Melinda in this challenge. This is my Day 1.

1 comment:

  1. Yay!

    P.S. If you are doing this for you, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.