Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Known Fact about Beatrice

I used to be a wimp. By that I mean, I use to give up a lot when it came to sports. I would decided to run a mile and it would hurt so I would stop. I love swimming and was not bad at it but I was never a Ryan Hendren. He was an amazing swimmer at my high school. Seriously the man was beautiful to watch he could just cut through the water and it looked effortless. He was like a dolphin. I was a tadpole in comparison. I could run the 100 meter and was not too bad at that either but not great, far from great. So, I would see people sail past me and then just quit. I decided about 3 years ago that I did not want to be that person anymore.
Rich and I set out to run a marathon. About 3 months into the program I sprained my ankle badly. That was it for that year. Then I met a girl named Kate. She wanted to run a marathon so I started to train with her. I plopped down the $135 to run the Disney and that was it. It was in Jan. I started training in June. Remember, I could not Run a mile. I started using a book that slowly introduces you to running by making you walk and run. It was great. Until I got: bronchitis, 2 ear infections and a sinus infection all at once. Oh, and my friend dropped out. I decided, F@#% it. I am going to do it any way. I went the Month of Nov and half of Dec with out running but I did it anyway. It was hard and I was slow but I did it. Now I do not quit anymore. I just keep going, because it might take a while but the pain will go away at some point and I feel like I can respect myself more if I keep going. Dolphin I am not, but I can be a badass little tadpole.