Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's next?

Today is Day 28 people! Holy Paleo Challenge!

I can't believe I only have a few days left of my challenge. I will tell you honestly I have not cheated once. Occasionally there may have been some non-paleo things in what I eat (from places I don't control ingredients) but no cheat meals. Not once. That is one thing about me - if I say I'm gonna do it, I do it. But usually it requires quite a bit of mental preparation and general psyching up.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do after this. I mean in terms of my diet and what my next goal should be. I really like these monthly goals I'm doing. It is so much easier to focus on ONE thing you want to do better than trying to change several things. And if you focus on something for like a month - I feel like it becomes habit. Except handstands. 30 days was not enough for that. I got them, but just not consistently.

You know what else I discovered? Not everyone can do a handstand. I totally thought it was just me that couldn't do them. Apparently fellow crossfitters are working on this too. I digress.

So my diet. I am thinking I just keep on going with the paleo thing. I mean, I feel really good. REALLY GOOD. I'm not sure if its in my head, or the weight loss makes me happier or if not eating grains, sugar or dairy really does change your body from the inside out. I'm thinking that in order to really get the most out of this experiment, I should try adding just one thing back in at first and only in very small amounts. So maybe I want feta in my salad - I will try this and see if I feel terrible or no change at all. Perhaps I will do this for 30 days. I miss sugar the most, but I think sugar really is the devil and there may actually be no room in my life for the devil. EVER. AGAIN. Except cupcakes. Cupcakes are like little sugar angels that are a necessary part of one's life.

You know what happened to me today at Target? I was shopping with my friend Bea and I decided that I would give myself an Easter basket. So I was picking out the candy and toys and stuff and decided on a very small amount of 1) M&Ms 2) Malted Milk Balls (Easter is not complete without these) and 3) a Reese's peanut butter egg. You know what happened next? My mouth and teeth started hurting just thinking about eating this stuff. Like thinking about it now? I'm gritting my teeth thinking about the graininess of the sugar. How effing weird is that? I will experiment with eating this and tell you what happens. But maybe I won't want it on Easter? Ok - it is chocolate - you are right - that is just crazy talk.

Oh another weird thing. My hair is growing super fast. Its getting really long. Which is great - but I really think it is growing faster than normal. Is this because of paleo too?

Holy crap - where was I?

Oh yes, goals. April goal. Hmmm. I think this one needs to be crossfit related. Maybe like a pull up. I don't think that is possible in one month. I did manage to get a couple on the red band the other day which blew my freaking mind. I wonder what comes after the red band? I think maybe the real deal. Holy crap. Something Rx. Holy crap.

Today, I leave you with a picture of yet another freaking shower cupcake I did not eat this weekend. I'm not sure you can eat something with a baby on it anyway. Stupid babies. This picture is in honor of my new friends Shane and Mary. I wish you both the best and safe safe safe travels.

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  1. "stupid babies". hahaha. love it. and love you too! you're the best!