Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My gym is better than yours

I am sure you have read Drywall's post about his gym being better than your gym. If you have not, it is funny and you should read it now. Most people get very attached to their stuff. They put a higher value on it than it actually deserves. This is no different for their CrossFit gym. It actually might be worst because you now have a community of people that you are friends with and that is a big part of what make you go to the gym. That being said... My gym kicks ass and is only getting better. We just knocked out the wall and took over the yoga studio next door. Don't worry we did not hurt the Yogis. They just moved into the basement. CFD is now 5200 square feet. That is a little over 2000 square feet expansion. I am not going to even mention the beautiful tree we now can look at.

We are getting all sorts of new exciting toys: 
- A brand new, 34′ Pullup Cage from Rogue Fitness that will include 8 built in squat racks, smaller diameter pullup bars, pullup bar space for up to 40 athletes at once. (This is very exciting. I will actually be able to wrap my hand around this bar.)
- Indoor Artificial Turf for sled pushes and sprints (Should be fun and less noisy then the cement outside)
- Pendlay Barbell Kilogram Competition Weights
- 3 Pendlay 20kg Bars (very cool but crazy expensive so good for competition and NOT for WODs)
- 1 Pendlay 15kg Bar (very cool but crazy expensive so good for competition and NOT for WODs)
- 6 Standard 45lb WOD bars (nice)
- Slam balls ranging from 15 to 30lbs (Yay! I have been wanting these for awhile)
- Jerk Boxes for jerk training and other Olympic lifts (honestly I do not care about these but others do)
- 2 Rogue Yoke Racks (This actually looks like fun.)
- Climbing Ropes (I need to learn how to climb first)
- New multi-height plyo boxes (Very excited about these. I hate the metal boxes.)
- Climbing Peg Board (I am very excited by this)
- Gibson Ring Trainers (This is the most exciting thing period.)
- Atlas Stones (Very cool, I will feel like a Greek God when I use this I am sure.)
- Physician’s Scale (I do not like this)
- Vertical Jump & Reach Board (Also do not like. All this will prove is that I am short and can not jump.)

So, if you have not been to CFD in a while you might want to check us out in the next moth or so when all of out once all of our new toys are in.  

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