Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Two years ago my strongest lifts were the presses. I have no clue why I was better at those 3 lifts than the clean or the dead-lift, I just was. I did not do any sport growing up that would make me better at them. My sports growing up were sailing, swimming, and sprinting. I was good at them... Then I was being careless and I injured myself while doing the Jerk. I had to get surgery and the physical recovery took awhile but the mental block took way too long. My press was 90lbs. Presses are controlled. Presses are about brute strength. They are not scary, just hard. My push press was 95lbs. Push presses are a little scary. I feel it in my wrist when I do them and they make me nervous. My Jerk (since my injury) is 65lbs. Jerks scare the hell out of me. This is going to be a tough week for me. I won't go into why I will just say it is going to be emotionally draining and I was determined to start my week in a more positive way. It helped that one of my oldest CF friends was there to lift with me. She made me laugh and I realized how much I missed lifting with her. She did, however, say: "How much is that? (eyebrow lift) That is pretty heavy". Not encouraging. It took 3 tries but I got 103lbs up on my push-press. Dave helped by fast forwarding the Eminem past the intro so I would have more motivation. I was so happy I put it down then skipped over to husband to tell him. He just looked at me and then said: "You can do more". This was my response:
I was just going to to 53lbs for the Clean and Jerk in the WOD but the friend I mentioned earlier told me that was ridiculous and that I could do more weight. I did 73lbs. And guess what..... I did not die. I did not hurt myself. I was fine. I also was able to string 3, count them 3 chest to bar pull-ups together. It was a good day. Now, I just need to hold onto it for the rest of the week.

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