Monday, April 11, 2011

Another night of little to no sleep

I have a sleep disorder. I even went through a sleep study at Duke. They attached a great deal of wires to my head and then told me that I do not leave stage 2 like I should. Essentially, I do not turn off my brain. I keep thinking and worrying about things when I should be sleeping. This is a chronic issue. I can not remember a time when this did not happen.

I have drugs that I can take but I should not take all the time. If I think, I will be okay tonight. I will not take in Ambien. I will often wake up at 3 am wishing I had. Because, like now, I am awake and now it is too late to take it.

What makes matters worse is now you hear of studies being released that say weight gain is associated with lack of sleep. Great, another thing for me to worry about while I am lying there not sleeping.


  1. In order to increase sleep capacity you need to increase sleep intensity. Try sleeping harder so you can sleep better.