Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I subscribe to a lot of different blogs. Some are CrossFit related, a lot are photography related and then some are food related. One of my favorite blogs is Pioneer Woman. It combines food and photography. I have made several of her recipes. I had to modify them a bit to make them more paleo friendly.

Today I opened up my reader to find this:

Granted, it was not on her site. She linked to it. It is a "Healthier Gyro". Healthier than what? It has french fries on it. It says that they are baked but come on. If you are going to eat that sort of thing, make it your cheat meal. Do not fool yourself into thinking it is healthy.

No wonder we have issues when we see this:

and this:

in the same commercial break. In case you are wondering, that bread bowl has pasta in it. And yes, Nicole Richie is a Tracy Anderson follower. Sorry about the rant.

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