Friday, April 8, 2011

They should know better

You try to do something nice for people and then they say it is too easy. Oh well!

Actually my boot campers seemed to really enjoy the Hoover Ball game. The problem was that it was also bring your friend week and I had a few new comers from the Living Social Coupon that we did. (2 that were suppose to come and 2 that just wondered in.) My class more than doubled in one day. I could have changed from my original plan to give them a more realistic view of what they will normally do in class. But I like a plan and that was a large group of people with no CF experience. So Hoover Ball seemed like the safe path to stay on. The problem that they will face now, is that then I feel like I need to prove myself.

Maybe there is a little CrossFit main site buried deep in my psyche. Oh, you can do this crazy ass work out I have created in less than 3 minute? Well, then... Bam! Ring handstand push-ups.

Seriously though, I am not that bad. I just feel like I have to give them their money's worth. So, needless to say, tonight will be tough.


  1. Is this my fault for staying on Wednesday? Oh well...I'm SO game, I've even got a new bra!!

  2. Not your fault, but it did not help. :)