Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The right kind of girl

I have always been a tomboy. The majority of my friends have been boys. When I say majority I mean I had 2 female friends growing up and all the rest were boys. This was the case until CrossFit.

In the past few days since I posted my opinion on Tracy Anderson, I have seen two very different behaviors from women. Of course we did poke the bear first (or as McKell says the angry fawn). But we did not poke hard. We were not mean. We (and by we I mean Ashley) simply stated that what they were doing to themselves was dangerous.

They might look like fawns but they are strait up honey badgers. Those girls are mean. Maybe it is because they are so hungry. What ever the reason there is no excuse to be so cruel. I did find today that you can mark comments as spam or as mean. They will take it under advisement if you mark it as mean but take it down immediately if it is spam. I marked all of the really mean comments as spam. This type of meanness is exactly why I never hung out with girls... well that and the fact that playing paintball in the woods just sounded like much more fun then playing with dolls.

CrossFitters on the other hand do not do that sort of thing. Ashley is right when she says that it is a welcoming community. Of course there is some competition between boxes but it is never mean. When someone is injured and out for a while, we worry about them and encourage them when they can come back. We tell them that it will not be long before they are right back to where they were. I know this because it happened to me.

I have so many amazing, strong (mentally and physically) female friends now. Friends that I feel very lucky to have.


  1. did you really mark the mean comments? you're way awesome. :)

  2. You guys are way too nice and positive to be linking to my blog. I'll give you potty mouth and ruin your outlook on life.

  3. Your blog is one of my favorites and I already have a potty mouth.